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Java: Installation and Updates, Using in CADClick solutions
Gesendet von Sascha Nilius, last modified by Jörg Gregorius on 30 April 2015 17:14:10

In our CADClick® online solutions based on "ccCatalog" we use several Java functions.

Those are the following:

  • 3D-Viewer
  • 2D-Viewer
  • Click2CAD – Direct Insert into in CAD systems

We recommend to always have your Java installation up to date, as you do it with your PC's Windows Update function. Some web browsers will automatically advise you to update to the latest Java version.

At the current time we recommend to update your Java installation to either version 7 or 8.

To ensure that you have a clean installation go on with the following steps:

  1. Close all browser windows

  2. For security reasons you should not have older (or multiple) Java versions installed. Therefore please uninstall all existing Java installations. The following page will help you to securely remove all outdated Java version from your computer:

  3. Download and install the latest Java installation package from
  4. Check that Java has been correctly installed with the following test page:

  5. When you still encounter problems execution Java applets please refer to the "Basic Troubleshooting tips for Java issues"

  6. If your are inside a company network and Java applets are not working as expected please ask your system administrator that there is no firewall or proxy server which may block network communication.
    Also some Anti Virus programs can interfer in executing local Java applets.
    Important note when using Internet Explorer behind a proxy server: Due to a Java bug applets will not work when proxy server is configured for automatic proxy script.
    To check this open Internet Explorer, go to settings, open the "Connections" tab and click on "LAN Settings". If "Use automatic configuration script" is checked, applets may not work with those settings.
    To fix this go to "Control Panel -> Java -> Network settings" and enter the proxy server settings manually. Please ask your system administrator for further information.

We are always keen to support the latest available Java version in our CADClick® solutions. If you have questions about our CADClick® products or you have still problems by using our Java applets please feel free to contact us.

Your CADClick® Support Team